Rex Harby

3D Artist Based in Glasgow, UK.

  • Who Am I

    I am 23 and have been passionate about CGI since I was
    15. When I was 16 I founded and created the
    third largest online tutorial website for blender, called BlenderNerd.
    Then later I went through University learning industry standard software.

  • My Education

    I attended Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland for 4 years
    studying BA Hons 3D Computer  Animation.

  • Area Of Interest

    My main area of interest is lighting and rendering due to the fact that different lighting
    scenarios vastly change the look of an image.
    Though my skill set is Generalist as my enjoyment of the entire
    3D Pipeline made me explore in depth each area.


1/33, 220 Wallace Street
Glasgow, G5 8AF.

P: +44 07449 540646

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